Salary projects

MDO “VASL” offers a convenient service for managing the payment of wages. The process is very simple and offers tremendous benefits to both the organization and its employees.


  • Automatic transfer of salary to your bank card – the days when you had to wait in line at the cash register or at the bank to receive your salary are gone;
  • Access to your money is provided around the clock, seven days a week through the Vasl mobile application and MDO ATMs;
  • Easy and effective control of your expenses – an employee can independently control his expenses in the Vasl mobile application at any time convenient for him
    Guaranteed safety of your money – MDO is a member of the savings fund for individuals and makes non-refundable membership fees on a monthly basis, which guarantees the safe storage of money on your bank card. The card will be immediately blocked if it is lost or stolen at your first request;
  • Transferring money in real mode from your card to the card of your loved ones using a mobile application, ATMs, POS terminals;
  • Easy payments using a bank card without the need for cash.

How the salary is transferred to the employee’s account:

  • The organization sends a payment order to the MDO indicating the total amount payable to employees, as well as a list indicating the salary of each employee;
  • The bank transfers the amounts indicated in the list to the accounts of the employees of the organization. If the list and payment orders are received before 4 pm, the amount is transferred to the cards on the same day. The cash withdrawal fee corresponding to the amount paid is debited by the Bank from the organization’s current account.

Registration process:

  • The organization and the MDO sign an agreement on the conditions for the issuance and use of salary cards;
  • MDO opens a current account (if not available) for the Organization, to which salaries of employees will be transferred;
  • The organization will provide the MDO with a completed application, including data about each employee;
  • MDO opens a bank account (special card account) and issues a plastic card to each employee;
  • The organization pays an annual fee for plastic cards, as well as a commission;
  • MDO conducts trainings on plastic cards and the use of ATMs with employees of the Organization.