Credit product «Tashakur ba Tabibon»

MDO «Vasl» offers a credit product for medical professionals
under the name «Tashakur ba Tabibon» for personal and family needs.
Loan amount:
From 500 to 10,000 somoni (for new clients)
up to 25,000 somoni (for repeat customers)
Interest rate:
For new clients 26% per annum
For repeat customers 25% per annum
Loan period:
up to 12 months for loans from 500 to 6 000 somoni
up to 18 months for loans from 4,001 to 25,000 somoni
New client
– 1 solvent guarantor
Repeat customers
– up to 10,000 somoni trust (without a guarantee with a good credit history)
The deadline of the application: 1 (one) business day
Relevant documents:
– Passport
– Other documents, according to the terms of the credit product